Grand Max


Currently our most popular freshwater line, Grand Max is a double structure line used primarily as leader material. Thin and slightly softer than Riverge, Grand Max knots easily and is available from 0.1mm (2.4lb) to 0.39mm (24lb) diameters and in either 30 or 100 yard spools.


  Soft Plus


Offering higher strength to diameter ratios than Grand Max, and as its name suggests, Soft Plus’ softer structure takes double structure fluorocarbon to the limit. The low memory, high abrasion and UV resistance and fast sinking rate has proved popular with discerning carp and match anglers as a mainline whilst it is also valued a leader material for its delicate presentation. Available in 50, 100 and 250m spools.




The original, and still the favourite of many. Riverge is slightly stiffer than either Grand Max or Soft Plus. Whether you are in search of an easier turnover or using droppers or a larger fly Riverge has remained consistently popular since its introduction. Available from 0.115mm (3lb) to 0.39mm (22lb) in either 30 or 100 yard spools.


  Ace Hard


Formulated for maximum abrasion resistance, primarily for saltwater and salmon fishing, Ace Hard is formulated to withstand the rigours of rock, foam and the sharpest of teeth. Similar stiffness to Riverge, highly UV resistant and guaranteed not to let you down. 0.165mm (5.5lb) to 0.62mm (52.8lb) in 50 metre spools.


  Reel Soft


Manufactured originally for mainline use, Reel Soft has also found favour as leader material. Very low line memory is coupled with zero water absorption, excellent UV and abrasion resistance and a fast sink rate. Competitively priced it is available in 25, 100 and 250 metre spools.


  Pink Label


Adding suppleness and strength to Ace Hard’s superior abrasion resistance, and tinted pink as its name suggests, Pink Label is proving popular on both the salt flats and gravel beds. Available in 50m, level wound, spools from 0.33mm (24lb) to 0.91mm (130lb).


About Seaguar


Seaguar fluorocarbons, made exclusively by Kureha in Japan, are widely regarded as the premium 100% fluorocarbon line across a wide range of applications. Available in diameters from 0.1mm to 2.34mm and breaking strains of 2lb to 500lb there is a line for every angler.

Fluorocarbons offering the following advantages over nylon and co-polymer lines:

A refractive index closer to that of water – making detection much harder.

Higher strength to diameter ratios - thinner line for the same breaking strain.

Exceptional resistance to fatigue, hydrophobic and UV resistant.

Lower stretch compared to nylon with a faster sink rate.

Since its introduction 50 years ago Kureha have been the only corporation to consistently manufacture fluorocarbon lines from production of resin to the finished product. Seaguar is also the only fluorocarbon line to feature the double structure manufacturing process where two resins are combined in a layer to optimise both breaking strain and knot strength.

To ensure the best results when using Seaguar we strongly recommend the following:

Always wet your knot before pulling together slowly. Ensure knots are even.

Work by diameter where possible. Use the exceptional thinness of Seaguar lines to add an extra pound or two of breaking strain.

If you need to join two lengths of fluorocarbon, please use a ring rather than knotting together directly. This has proven to be more reliable.

Technical details of diameter, reel lengths and breaking strains can be found in our brochure. Please note that all breaking strains quoted are static break strengths rather than knot strength. 

Fordham & Wakefield are sole distributors for Seaguar brands in the UK.

Please contact us if you are interested in opening a trade account or visit our dealers page for your local and online stockists.