Fordham & Wakefield are the UK distributor of Royal Wulff Products, Seaguar fluorocarbons and Flexcoat rod building epoxy and accessories.

The range of fly lines, under the Royal Wulff Products name including the Lee Wulff Triangle-Taper, covers just about every fly-fishing technique, in freshwater and salt. New for 2017 are both the Ambush Short and an update of the standard floating line, the Lee Wulff Classic, in Two Tone Ivory and Yellow. With its clever taper and thin shooting line, the Triangle Taper cannot be beaten for fishing at long range, with effective presentation. Similarly, the Predator line, with its clear slow-sinking tip, has achieved a cult following because no other line appears to cast or fish flies in the same way.

The products of Kureha Chemicals include fluorocarbons of different characteristics for making fly-fishing leaders and reel lines for coarse fishing. The various fluorocarbons distributed by Fordham & Wakefield are the strongest for their diameters on the market. They have revolutionised much terminal tackle thinking, also due to their near-invisibility in water. Marketed under the Riverge, Grand Max, Soft Plus, Reel Soft and Ace Hard brand names and offering various qualities including high abrasion resistance, UV resistance and exceptional shock strength.

The Flexcoat range of products have proved immensely popular with both professional rod builders and the hobbyist. Offering the standard high build, the lite and the UV resistant formulas as well as many accessories Flexcoat provides an end to end solution for your whipping needs.

Fordham and Wakefield welcome applications from Trade customers and product enquiries from everyone. If we can help you we will so please get in touch either by 'phone on 01892 770344, E-mail at sales@fandw.fishing or find us on Facebook @fordhamwakefield